Do Stone Creek Midwest products have a warranty:

          Yes. There is a 50 year limited warranty on Stone Creek Midwest stone products.


Do you need to seal Stone Creek Midwest products?

          No. Sealants may be used, though not necessary for most applications.


Can Stone Creek Midwest products be used for walkways or patios?

          No. They are not structurally designed to be used for walkways, patios, driveways, etc.


Can Stone Creek Midwest products be used for swimming pools and water fountains?

          No. Manufactured stone is not designed for constant contact or submersion with water.

What is the weight of Stone Creek Midwest’s manufactured stone veneer?

          Weight varies based on style, but average weight ranges from 8-10 lbs. per square foot,

          compared to thin veneer natural stone that weighs between 13-15 lbs. per square foot.

Do Stone Creek Midwest’s products retain their color over time?

Yes. Stone Creek Midwest utilizes natural iron oxide pigments to color the stone. These oxides carry the same weathering characteristics as natural stone, and under normal circumstances, when applied per manufacturer’s specifications, no undesirable change in color will occur after years of weathering.

Does the color go all the way through the stone?

The base color is blended throughout the entire product. Color overtones are then applied and integrated into the product during the manufacturing process that penetrate 1/4 - 1/8th of an inch into the stone.

Do manufactured products stay up once installed, because I have seen some buildings/homes where a few stones have fallen off?

When the stone is made and installed correctly, the stone will not fall off a structurally sound wall. Stone Creek’s products are made with the highest quality materials and every single stone is scored on the back to allow for better adhesion during installation. Stone Creek Midwest does not cut any corners during the manufacturing or installation process to ensure a satisfied customer for years to come.  


How are Stone Creek Midwest products sold and packaged?

Flat pieces are sold by the square foot, outside corner pieces are sold by the linear foot. All accessories are sold by the piece. All orders are packaged on standard 40x48 pallets.

How do you install Stone Creek Midwest manufactured stone?

Manufactured stone is installed similarly to natural stone, with a water barrier, metal lath, scratch coat, mortar, and grout if necessary. It is also possible to install indoors with a strong bonding agent such as MasterSeal NP1, though not recommended.


Can Stone Creek Midwest products be installed without prior experience?

Yes. Anyone can install the product by following our simple instructions in the attached guide, but having a mason install the product will ensure a more professional look and better quality. Exterior installation needs to be done with much more care as weather penetration could cause damage to the structure if stone is not installed correctly. 

What are Stone Creek Midwest products made of?

Stone Creek Midwest products are manufactured in molds created from carefully-selected natural stones, using a process that captures even the slightest details. Portland Cement, a lightweight, high strength aggregate, chemicals, and iron oxide pigments are then all combined to create the stone and desired color. The finished product looks and feels like natural stone, without the additional costs and weight associated with natural stone.


Will the same stone appear repeatedly in a typical application?

No. With larger orders some molds will need to be utilized multiple times thus creating identical stones in shape, not color, but finding the identical stones once installed would prove to be challenging.


How do I measure for the stone needed?

Measuring for stone is simple geometry. Finding the area of a rectangle or triangle is usually the extent of what you are going to need to know. To calculate the area of a rectangle, multiply the length times the height of the surface. For a triangle, measure the length times the height and divide by 2. Measure any windows or door openings in the same way and subtract the square footage for those from the total square footage.  If there are multiple sections, add the square footage from each section together. If you measure in inches, convert to feet by dividing the total square inches by 144 (144 sq/in. = 1 sq/ft) To measure for corners, measure the height of the surface and that is how many linear feet you will need. If you measure in inches, divide that number by 12 to get linear feet. To calculate how much stone to order, assume that linear feet of corners average about 0.5 sq/ft of flats. So, if you need 20 linear feet of corners, divide that number by 2 and subtract that from the total square feet of flats you will need. In this case, subtract 10 from the total flats sq/ft. For example, if you measure 165 sq/ft of flats and 20 ln/ft of corners, you would take 165 minus 10 (20 ln/ft divided by 2) to come up with 155 sq/ft of flats, 20 ln/ft of corners.  Once you have your square feet and linear feet calculated, add 10% extra stone to account for waste, breakage and cutting that will be done during installation. We usually add 10% extra then round to the nearest 5. If 155 sq/ft is measured, take 155 times 1.1 which comes to 170.5, then round down to 170 sq/ft. Add extra ln/ft of corners in the same manner. In this example, you would need to order 170 sq/ft of flats, and 22 ln/ft of corners, plus any accessories you may need to complement the stone.

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